November 20 birthday gemini horoscope

Both attended the College of William and Mary. Those born under the sign of the ram are said to be spontaneous, intense , quick-to-anger, and dismissive. Those born under Taurus are said to be dependable , practical, and a bit stubborn.

James Monroe and Harry Truman both fare quite well in most presidential rankings. Ulysses S. Grant's service in the American Civil War is widely well-regarded — certainly more so than his corruption-riddled White House tenure.

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But James Buchanan is consistently ranked as one of the worst presidents of all time. His inaction and pro-Southern opinions are cited as disastrous, in the face of the outbreak of the American Civil War. The current president — Donald Trump — is a Gemini.

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Those born under the sign of the twins are known for being chatty, sociable, repetitive , and sometimes a bit two-faced. You won't find any Gemini presidents pop up until the s. The trio of Gemini presidents — which also includes John F. Kennedy and George H. Bush — are all relatively modern. Cancers are said to be loyal, sensitive, tenacious , and needy.

And these astrologically crabby presidents have been a mainstay in the White House throughout US history. John Quincy Adams, the sixth president, was a Cancer.

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Presidents born under the sign of the crab dotted the twentieth century, including Calvin Coolidge, Gerald Ford, and George W. Leos haven't made up the lion's share of presidents, but they've built up a solid pride, nonetheless. So were Herbert Hoover and Benjamin Harrison. Leos are characterized as being fun , friendly, positive, dramatic, proud, and attention-seeking. Virgo is one of the least popular zodiac signs when it comes to the US presidents.

The presidential Libras are anything but politically balanced.

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Jimmy Carter is the one Democratic outlier in the White House astrological quartet. The other three — Rutherford B. Hayes and Chester A. Eisenhower — ran on the Republican platform. Being born under the Libra sign is supposed to indicate sincerity , disorganization , and a penchant for carefully weighing choices. Polk were Scorpios. The sign of the scorpion also fell upon assassination victim James A.

Garfield and Warren G. Harding, who died in office just before a massive corruption scandal broke. Scorpios are known for being passionate , brave, intimidating, manipulative , and fearless. Back in , the Huffington Post reported that Scorpio was the sign most common among world leaders. But they are all born under the Sagittarius sign. So what traits do these straight arrow presidents allegedly display? Apparently, idealism , generosity, adventurousness, and obnoxiousness define those tied to the astrological archer.

They experience their greatest joy through parenthood.

November 20th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Scorpio - Part 1

They adore their children and involve themselves in all aspects of their upbringing. Because of their strong emotional nature, November 20 men and women understand the value of daily meditation. Opportunities to listen to their inner voice help them control their emotions. Regular physical exercise also helps.

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  • Birthday Horoscope November 20th.

November 20 people are driven and gravitate toward high-powered careers. Success and money are not enough to pique their professional interest. Their work may be related to environmental concerns, one of their favorite causes.

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They are expert at finances. These men and women save carefully and can show a flair for investing. The most important achievement in the lives of November 20 people is to make their family happy.

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After that, they will turn toward other dreams, such as creating change. They refuse to let go of dreams no matter how impractical. Jill M.